Computer Lab

Our institution provides the below cutting-edge IT support facilities to its staff, student and research community.


  • A Computer Laboratory with the capacity of 30 Desktops from leading brands like Acer, HCL & Dell.
  • Adequate Printers, Copiers and Scanners for document imaging.
  • Healthy connected ‘CAMPUS-LAN’ via structured Optic-Fibre and CAT6 cabling for the entire campus to anywhere data access.  

  • 32 Mbps dedicated 1:1 Leased Line Internet Bandwidth Connectivity for education and research needs.
  • Specialized software for each department to meet the industry-need teaching and Communication Teaching-Learning Tools to enhance language skills.

  • CCTV Surveillance to ensure safety.
  • Un-interrupted power supply through online UPSs and Generator with the capacity of 30 KVA.