Principal’s Message

Principal Speaks…..
A life not lived for others is not a life.”I addressed my teachers and students on 1st JULY, 2021 as I took over the charge of SCOP College from rev’d. Dr. Sonia Pandey. The strength of the tree is mainly based on roots. Stronger the tree more the branches, more the branches plenty of fruits. Every student of SCOP’ College is ‘seed sown in a fertile ground’ to come alive, grow and bear good fruits in good time. In order to be fruitful it is essential to have quality education in one’s life which satisfies mind, heart and soul. Very often education reaches only to the head but not reaches to the heart.
College must agree that fundamental changes can come in the society through education only .In fact, the Quality of education in our college shall determine the Quality of tomorrow. Education is a vehicle for social transformation. Besides academic excellence scop College has taken the moral responsibility to provide an atmosphere for spiritual, mental and physical growth of the children. The quality education releases capacities, develop analytical abilities, confidence in oneself, will power and goal setting competencies and instils the vision that will enable the child to serve the best interests of the humanity.…
As I hold the responsibility of this College as Principal, I appeal to all the parents to co-operate and support me in leading the college to reach the pinnacle of all glory & success.
May God bless all our teaching and non teaching staff, students and parent.

Dr. Sonia Pandey