Sakshi Group of Institutions

Herbal Garden

Did you know that India is a treasure house of medicinal plants that have the ability to cure many dreadful diseases and ailments without any side effects? It's true! India is blessed with varied agro-climatic conditions which permits the large biodiversity of medicinal plants. There are about 7000 plant species known to have medicinal values out of a reported number of higher plants in India. It's amazing to think that no other country in the world has this much proportion of medicinal plants against their existing flora. Indians have been using a variety of medicinal plants to cure different diseases and ailments of humans and animals since ancient times. The Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) is one of the most famous medical systems in the world, which includes Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, and other indigenous practices. Ayurveda is the oldest known medical system in India, alone documenting 2000 medicinal plants, followed by Siddha and Unani. According to the estimates of World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of the population in developed and developing countries depend on traditional plant-based medicines for their health requirements.
The concept of Herbal Gardens is fascinating as it involves the cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic plants (MAPs) that have preventive and curative properties against diseases or ailments. These gardens are established in various locations to serve as a collection of important herbs for their conservation and to use them for educational and research purposes.

Sakshi College of Pharmacy has well maintained medicinal Herbal Garden with about fifty plants that are maintained properly. This helps the students to see and learn about the plants in their natural habitat. This provides plants material for conducting the practical's of B. Pharm & D. Pharm students.